Kentucky Open Championship


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DATE: Saturday October 22 – 23 2016

-All weigh-ins will occur 2 hours prior to session start time
-All start times and grouping are tentative

Saturday 10/22/16

Session 1
weigh in: 7:00am
start time: 9:00am

-youth lifting with 15kg bar, women’s 48kg, 53kg, 58kg

Session 2
weigh in: 9:30am
start time: 11:30am

-women’s 63kg, 69kg

Session 3
weigh in: 12:00pm
start time: 2:00pm

-women’s 75kg, 75+kg

Session 4
weigh in: 2:30pm
start time: 4:30pm

-men’s 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg

Sunday 10/23/16

Session 1
weigh in: 7:00am
start time: 9:00am

-men’s 85kg, 94kg

Session 2
weigh in: 9:30am
start time: 11:30am

-men’s 105kg, 105+kg

ORDER OF LIFTS: Snatch, Clean & Jerk. All weights used in Kilograms

PROMOTION: Click here for Registration

Ben Carter, Bluegrass Barbell, 2734 River Green Circle, Louisville, Ky 40206.

DIVISIONS: All Divisions in both Men’s and Women’s classes.


Youth: All age appropriate weights classes available

Junior/Senior/Masters Men’s: 56Kg, 62Kg, 69 Kg, 77Kg, 85Kg, 94Kg, 105Kg, 105+Kg.

Junior/Senior/Masters Women’s: 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 63Kg, 69 Kg, 75Kg, 75+Kg


Medals will be awarded for Top 3 Male and Female in each weight class and division

Top 3 Overall Male and Female Lifters (senior division only and will be based off Sinclair Formula) will receive prizes as follows…
First Place: $150 + Nike Romaleos Shoes
Second Place: $75 + Nike Back Pack
Third Place: $50 + Nike String Bag

Top Male and Female Overall Masters lifter (based off Masters Sinclair Formula) will receive $100

*To be consider for mulitple divisions, an additional fee required
**Do not have to be Kentucky Resident to be eligible for prizes and medals

Regular – $70 (July 6th – Sept 1st)
Late Registration – $90 (Sept 2nd – Oct 16th)

Multiple Divisions – $30 additional fee

** There will be no refunds allowed**

MISC. INFO: You must have a current USAW card to lift. USAW membership cards will NOT be available at the meet; get it in advance. LIFTER MUST WEAR SINGLET & comfortable non-slip shoes or weightlifting shoes. Meet director reserves right to reject any entry or limit number of entries &/or spectators.

Please email Ben for details: