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Fauth Strength is a new Weightlifting Club in Louisville that took over TriQ Barbell. We also have a new location at 5001 Crown Manor Place in the Buechel area just off of Bardstown Rd and Hikes Ln.

The club is run by Moira C Fauth, a masters lifter who has competed in competitions ranging from local to the world stage. Moira has been lifting for about 5 years (starting out as a master) and was hired as Head Coach of TriQ Barbell in June 2017 before taking it over and rebranding this September. They have a nice sized space inside of Rize Nation Athletics for our growing team. Moira is also a L2 Certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition and incorporates habit based practices for health and wellness along with their regular programing.

Kristen Mitchell is a coach in training and Moira’s assistant in many ways. Hopefully she will be receiving her L1 soon.

For USAW Certified Referees Fauth Strength currently has 3 – Moira & Michael Fauth and Kristen Mitchell.

For members: they currently have 1 registered lifter with the club and about 8 who join them for class with regularity.

They are a fairly laid back group and they keep things fun and challenging.

Triumph Barbell was established in 2015 through USAW but had been operating since 2014 in a small portion of the gym. They have one location inside of Triumph Strength and Conditioning where they have 7 platforms with five full sets of plates giving them a lot of room to build and teach. Jarrett Baston is the head coach with Kelsey Blaze as an additional coach. They range anywhere from 15-20 registered lifters at any given time.

Registered referees:
Jarrett Baston, Tess Jones, Melissa Kaiser, Chad Kallmeyer, Christopher Lemmel, Rebecca Lemmel
Lavetta Tevis

Big Blue Strength is an East Coast Gold weightlifting Club in Lexington with about 13 registered lifters under Big Blue plus a few National level Lifters who lift for the ECG team. In addition to the weightlifting team, their facility features group strength classes, personal training, and a full Pilates studio. There are 5 L1 Coaches and 7 Referees.
L1 Coaches:
Melissa Jutras, Michael Kamphake, James Benson, Robert Bonse, Nicolas Gruber

Registered Referees:
Melissa Jutras, Michael Kamphake, James Benson, Steven Wood, Nicolas Gruber, Audrey Bachman, Ryan Metzger


Backwoods Kentucky Barbell started with founders Dylan and Alex just lifting a few days a week in Dylan’s garage located in Hebron, KY. Over time more and more people wanted to come lift in the garage with Dylan and Alex. On Saturday mornings it wasn’t odd to have 6 or more people crammed onto one platform, then after lifting Dylan would run to the store and grill up some grub for everyone. The garage was dirty, dark and cold but this never stopped people from wanting to come in. Dylan’s house was out in the country with nothing but a platform some weights and a single squat rack but most importantly two guys that just wanted to help people in the sport of weightlifting. We love our grassroots and who we are. Fast forward a few years and Backwoods Kentucky Barbell has been able to help weightlifters from all ranges. We have helped brand new athletes, regional crossfitters, masters, national level lifters and international level lifters. We are a USAW recognized club as of 2018 and located in Walton, Ky within Triple Crown Athletics with about 35 athletes. We are hear to help you reach your goals!

Dylan Scott -President and Head Coach, Alex Smith – Assistant Coach

Dylan Scott