KY Weightlifting Scholarships

The Kentucky LWC is NOW offering 2 Scholarship opportunities to the weightlifters of Kentucky.

1. The KENTUCKY LWC HARDSHIP SCHOLARSHIP is for those looking for assistance traveling to participate at the American Open Series 1 in Columbus OH. This Scholarship would cover the athletes registration dues of $125. To apply, you must have qualified and registered for the Arnold and looking for the additional funds to assist in travel. ***

2. The KENTUCKY LWC SCHOLARSHIP is for the athletes seeking financial stipend to aid in travel to a National or International Competition outside the state of Kentucky. This scholarship is for $250 and 4 scholarships will be awarded. Applicants must register and be present at the KY LWC State Meet on 4/25/2020.

These applications will be reviewed and voted on by the Kentucky LWC Board of Directors. The Hardship Scholarship will be announced by February 15, 2020. The recipients of the LWC Scholarship will be announced at the Kentucky State Championships on April 25, 2020.

*** Because the LWC is not personally in charge of the funds, distribution of funds would be requested by the close of registration for the Arnold however we cannot guarantee the date of payout. We encourage all athletes to fundraise and the LWC is more than willing to help promote your campaign.

Please fill out a the form below with the following information:



Weight Category:

Competition Intended to travel to::



Number of years lifting:

Please include a short summary about yourself below and why you feel you’re the best candidate for this scholarship. Include your activities outside of weightlifting, how many competitions of this level you have done in the past, your goals within the sport, and any other information you feel the BOD should consider in their decision.