Meeting Minutes 3/15/20

In Attendance: Jarrett Baston, Melissa Kamphake, Jess Thompson, Mike Fauth, Steven Wood, Laura Barito

  • Account balance: $3797 currently
  • Scholarships: $125 to go out, leaving $3672 in account
  • State to purchase new gold medals with mylar inserts for all medals
  • Currently have 33 silver and 47 bronze
  • State Meet: Do we postpone? What is the process? 
  • Post to go out immediately pertaining to the state meet. We will host meet either as scheduled or at a different location. Final decision will be made by 4/16
  • Expanding into high schools. Need enough approvals from local high schools to make official sport in the state. 
  • Primo Chalk to possibly be used for the state meet. Naturally Antibacterial 

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