Meeting Minutes 6/14/20

  • In attendance: Nikki Stock, Melissa Kamphake, Emily Morris, Jarrett Baston
  • Discussed making the logo from last year’s state meet the new official logo – updating on relevant sites soon
  • Onboarding of new members
    • Delegation of responsibilities and duties
  • Website updates to make
    • New clubs, bios, meet dates
  • Review of the budget
  • Fall State Meet (Open)
    • Discussed possibilities of forming a “State Meet Series” using the 4 local LWC meets in the fall
    • COVID-19 surge presents an issue – potential bans on mass gatherings
  • New Barbell Clubs in KY
    • Encourage hosting meets, provide an outline of how to run
    • Promote clubs on social media for exposure and assistance
    • “Needs Assessment” of clubs post-COVID closures
  • Action Items:
    • Finish access control for new board members to relevant sites
    • Contact Brad of USAW with proposal for State Meet Series
    • Create a social media scheduling plan

About the Author: Melissa Kamphake