LWC Meeting Minutes 6-10-18

KY LWC Meeting Minutes 6-10-18

Board Members in Attendance:
Melissa Jutrus, President
Laura Barito, Vice-President
Kathryn Carter, Secretary

Discussions at meeting:

Record Setting – Where can we set records? Currently for KY State records can be set at State Championships & State Open. Motion for records to also be set at National events. To be voted on when all members of board are in attendance (Alli Koopman, Athlete Rep not in attendance).

State Stuff – Possible locations, venues. Equipment, platform sponsors, cost $5 donated back to LWC on every entry or admission?

Email with email list – can email through USAW web point so there is a record and all current LWC members receive.

Roles – Kat- Newsletter? Ally – member/gym highlight, goal to have bios of each member to be inputted next meeting

Website – email each club, need bio with their club email/website info

Sponsorship to bigger meets?
Certificates or T-Shirts for State record holders, how will that work if decision to change bylaws? Who will provide? Where will money to provide come from?


Discussions for Next Meeting:

Ideas to grow sport of weightlifting in KY

Voting on Bylaws when all board members in attendance