LWC Meeting Minutes 11-4-18

LWC Meeting via GOOGLE Meet 11-4-2018 (Meeting time duration 2 hours)

Call to order – Melissa Jutrus, President
Members in Attendance – Laura Barito, Vice President
Kat Carter, Secretary
Jesse Thompson, Athlete Representative
Current Financial Balance of KY Weightlifting Account – $4200
– Discussion of use of funds to promote weightlifting in the state
– Possible Clinics, Scholarships (youth, junior, senior), Athlete Hardship, etc.
– T-Shirt fundraiser to build/sustain Ky Weightlifting Funds
New tax on State Meets
– Clubs selected to host State and Open meet subject to 6% tax of all profits of meet to be paid to KY LWC.
Run through of current by-laws
– Changes to by-laws
o Dissolution of 10 day, 75 mile meet rule. Meets within 75 miles or 10 days of each other may now occur.
o Meet requests cannot be made more than 6 months prior to meet
o Athlete representative may hold Level 1 Sports Performance Coaching Certification
Equipment available for use through KY Weightlifting provided by Joe Hamblen –Uesaka Joe
– Partnership for 2018-2019 with Uesaka Joe for use of equipment at competitions
– Offer of advertisement/promotion of Uesaka Joe via social media/state meets in exchange for use of equipment.
Possible future separation of State Championship
– Youth/Junior/High School to possibly have their own State Championship
– May still attend Senior State Championship as well
Growing High School Weightlifting
– Reach out to Ky High School and Catholic High School Athletic Associations for interest
– Reach out to schools that have interest to direct them to nearest club
Vote to add 2nd Athlete Representative to board, per USAW suggestion 2nd place person in last election.
– Dan Russell 2nd place in most recent election, invited to join meeting
– Future elections to take top 2 athlete representatives voted upon
Discussion to add Social/Media Chair
Discussion of Annual Meeting to be held in conjunction with State Meet
– All members/athletes of KY LWC invited to attend
– Possible catered meeting, catering provided by Kentucky LWC
– Will distribute and confirm at least 10 days prior when and where meeting will occur
State Meet
– Currently accepting bids, open to all KY LWC Clubs to place bid per requirements in by-laws
– Once bids are received voting for location and date to be done by KY LWC Board at next meeting December 2, 2018, host to be notified and announcement of State date and location to be made
– Possible use of USAW Webpoint to register for State Meets
– KY LWC to purchase calibrated scale for use at State Meets
– KY LWC to help provide chairs and tables at State Meets if host unable to provide
Meeting called at 2 hour time mark
Items for next meeting December 2, 2018 8am
– State Meet
o Team Competition, Awards
o Annual Meeting
– Post Card/E-Card to high schools to gauge interest
– T-Shirts
– Website Drop-Downs
– Adding minutes and Uesaka Joe logo
– Use of online voting for future items up for vote
– Cost of using Webpoint for registration
– Voting on State date/location