LWC Meeting Minutes 12-2-18

KY LWC Meeting 12-2-18

Telecommunication Meeting via Google Hangout

Melissa Jutrus – President
Laura Barito – Vice President
Kat Carter – Secretary
Dan Russell – Athlete Representative

Review of minutes from previous meeting on 11-4-18

State Bids
Received bids from Jarrett Baston (Triumph Barbell), Moira Fauth (Fauth Strength), Laura Barito and Dan Russell (White Buffalo Barbell)

Vote carried out – Jarrett Baston (Triumph Barbell) to host 2019 KY State Championships

2 options for location presented – vote for meet to be held at Triumph Barbell due to time constraints at 2nd location presented.

Annual Meeting to be held in conjunction with state meet

Possible Podcast in conjunction with State Meet

Date range Mar. 16- Apr. 27, 2019

Use of web point to sign-up or other comparable site

Volunteer sign-up/template

T-Shirt design (designs to come). Cost of shirt $25, $15 to go state

Kentucky State High School Athletics – need a contact in association to possible start/build weightlifting as a high school sport

Website, Bio’s, facebook, instagram, twitter feed

Records at nationally run meets (i.e. AO series or higher)

Calibrated scales- KY LWC to purchase a calibrated scale for use for LWC

Possible scholarships to be given out at state meet – Hardship Scholarships

Next meeting Jan. 6 at 4pm