Will Non-Kentucky Residents be able to participate?

Yes, but Non-Kentucky Residents will only be eligible for medals at Kentucky Open Weightlifting Championship. They will NOT be eligible for medals at Kentucky State Championship.


How do I set a state record?

1] You must show proof of Kentucky Residency.

2] KY State Records can be set at the KY State Championship or Kentucky Open.

3] Must declare division competing in before day of meet, due to overlap in age range of divisions.


Is there a qualifying total for the meet?

At this time, No.


Will the meet be a qualifier for USAW national events?

YES, all USAW sanctioned meets are qualifiers for national events.


Will the meet be a qualifier for USAW Masters Pan Ams and Masters Worlds events?

YES, we do have 2 National Referees that are able to attend, so it will be a qualifier for USAW Masters Pan Ams and Masters Worlds. Please inform the meet director of your intent to qualify before the meet.


How do I volunteer for the meet?

Please email Ben, to volunteer


How many divisions will there be?

We will have youth, junior, senior and master divisions. There will be records keep for all divisions.


Is a Singlet required to compete?



Can food and beverages be brought into the meet?

Yes, but no alcohol is allowed on the premises during the meet.


What gear allowed?


  1. The maximum width of the belt may not exceed 120 mm.
  2. No belt may be worn under the competitor’s costume.


  1. The competitors must wear sport footwear (called weightlifting shoes / boots) to protect their feet and give them stability and a firm stance on the competition platform.
  2. A strap over the instep is permitted.
  3. The maximum height permitted on the upper part of the footwear, measured from the top of the sole, is 130 mm.
  4. There is no minimum or maximum height of the soles.

Bandages, Tapes and Plasters

  1. Bandages, tapes or plasters may be worn on the wrists, the knees and the hands. Tape or plasters may be worn on the fingers or the thumbs.
  2. The bandages may be made of gauze, medical crepe or leather. A one-piece elastic bandage or rubberised kneecap, which allows free movement, may be worn over the knees. This latter piece of equipment cannot be reinforced in any way.
  3. On the wrists, the bandages must not cover more than 100 mm of skin.
  4. On the knees, the bandages must not cover more than 300 mm of skin.
  5. There is no limit to the length of the bandages.

NOTE: In the event of an injury, the doctor on duty may apply plasters on any bleeding part of the body.


How long do I get to weigh-in? Can I weigh-in more than once?

  1. The weigh-in of each bodyweight category begins two (2) hours before the start of the competition and lasts one hour.
  1. A competitor who is within the weight of the category in which he or she is entered is weighed only once. A competitor who is under or over the limit may return to the weigh-in as many times as required to make the weight and does not have to follow the sequence.